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Online Catalogue |  Wind Chimes

Precious Stone Chimes

Precious Stone Chimes will certainly charm you when you hang them in your Home or Garden.

Solar Chimes

Make your garden come alive with Home to Garden garden accents!
Solar light comes on when the sun goes down!

Bells & Gongs Wind Chimes

Inspired by ancient chinese bells, Woodstock temple bells have become a classic in Garden Decor.

Woodstock Waves Chimes

Make your garden come alive with Home2Garden Wave Chimes!

Woodstock Chimes

Make your garden come alive with Home2Garden garden accents!

Classic Wind Chimes

Wind Chimes have been used for centuries to create harmony and good energy in the home and garden.

Design Chimes

Magic in the Garden! Make your garden come alive with Home2Garden garden accents!

Angel & Animal Chimes

A beautiful and interesting range of Angel and Animal Chimes.

Make your home come alive with our gorgeous wind chimes. The wind chime has a long history in many ancient civilizations from the Romans to the Far East and are just as popular in the present day. Most ancient peoples believed that windchimes would warn off evil spirits or bring luck. This is probably why many people nowadays still choose to hang their wind chimes by their entrance. Windchimes tinkle softly in the slightest breeze and gently ring out a harmonious tune that just seems to be at one with nature’s own sounds. Our bamboo wind chimes are extremely popular and being made of a natural material will look right in any setting. Not sure where to hang your wind chime? Many of our customers choose to hang wind chimes by their entrance where their delightful tune greets each and every visitor. Alternatively you can put your wind chime by a window and let the breeze bring them to life whenever the window is open. Try Home 2 Garden – your best source of wind chimes UK.

Online Catalogue |  Wind Chimes

Wind Chimes

The sound of Wind Chimes will create a restful soothing environment.


BBQ's Fire pits and patio heaters make outdoor living extend into the cooler months.

Water Features

The beauty of Water Features in the garden is a focal point in any setting.

Solar Water Features

Taken to the next level, Solar Water Features create magic day and night.

Garden Sculptures

You can never have too many Garden Sculptures in your garden.

Garden Decorations

A multitude of ways to dress the garden is with our choice of Garden Decorations.

Gardening Gifts

Choosing Gardening Gifts is a wonderful option when wanting something special and unique.

Garden Ornaments

A Garden Ornament is a decorative feature placed in the garden to enhance the setting.

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