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Glass Bubbles & Lanterns Sub Category

Our Glass Products are created out of 100% recycled glass!. They are hand blown and the outdoor glass is frost proof. Made in Poland.

Ground Rainbow Bubbles

Ground Rainbow Bubbles  - view 1
Ground Rainbow Bubbles  - view 2
Ground Rainbow Bubbles  - view 3


Our Ground Rainbow Bubbles glass ornament is designed to look like soap bubbles that will never pop. They look beautiful in the shrubbery, pots and containers, or a rockery. Made from 100% recycled and frost proof, the Ground Rainbow Bubbles are hand blown in Polish glass

In stock

Glass Floating Bubbles

Glass Floating Bubbles   - view 1
Glass Floating Bubbles   - view 2
Glass Floating Bubbles   - view 3


Our Glass Floating Bubbles are perfect for all ponds or water features. One of our most popular garden ornaments, this fantastic product is made from 100% recycled hand blown glass and is frost proof. The glass has iridescent colour creating a rainbow effect when the light shines on it.

In stock

Tea Light Stake

Tea Light Stake  - view 1
Tea Light Stake  - view 2
Tea Light Stake  - view 3


Our Tea Light Stake has enchanting globes of glass. An opening in the side of the rainbow globes allows a tea light to be placed inside. This fantastic glass tea light holder is made from 100% Polish, recycled and is frost proof

In stock

Blue Friendship Ocean Hanging Ball

Blue Friendship Ocean Hanging Ball   - view 1
Blue Friendship Ocean Hanging Ball   - view 2


Hand-blown from 100% recycled glass, this fabulous blue Friendship Ocean Ball is a circle; it has no beginning and has no end. It keeps friends together but the treasure inside for you to see is the treasure of friendship you have granted to me. Today I pass the friendship ball to you. Pass it on to someone who is a friend to you.....

In stock

Disk Sunshine- Blue

Disk Sunshine- Blue - view 1


Every one of our jewel-like Sun Disks and Friendship Balls are a unique creation in vivid colours, each one mouth blown in the USA.

These are one of a kind and make a truly exquisite gift for any occasion. Hand blown and frost proof glass.

In stock

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