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Garden Gongs Sub Category

Chao Gong in Stand


The Chao Gong in Stand is the most popular and impressive of all our gongs.

Large, robust with a beautiful deep sound, the Chao Gong is made in powdered coated steel and comes with a mallet to bring out the rich, resonant tone that lingers long after the gong has been struck.

In stock

Small Tubular Gong on Chau Stand


The Small Tubular gong on Chau Stand is a chromium plated stand with a lovely Stainless steel gong hanging in the centre.

The Small Tubular Gong will fit beautifully in any garden setting particularly in a Japanese or minimalist garden design.

In stock

Large Tubular Gong on Chau Stand


The Large Tubular Gong on Chau Stand is a real statement piece to enhance any garden setting, especially an asian themed or contempory one!

The Large Tubular Gong is made in chromium plated steel and set within a black powder coated steel frame.The set incudes it's own gong to create a beautiful sound that will reverberate around the garden.

In stock

Triple Tubular Gongs on Stand


Three handsome chromium plated bells hang within The Triple Tubular Gongs on Stand.The stand is made from black powdered coated steel which will stand up to the test of time. Not only will the Triple Tubular Gongs look stunning in the garden but also as a stand alone piece on the patio!

The set is completed by a leather ended mallet with which to create a beautiful resonate sound.

In stock

Tubular Gong on Stand


The Tubular gong on Stand is simplicity and style itself. Tall and eye-catching, the Tubular Gong has a wonderful deep sound which is pleasing to the ear.

The Gong is made in Chrome plated steel and the stand in a long lasting black powdered coated steel. Beautiful within the home or anywhere in the garden.

In stock

Tubular Gong on Steel Stand


Deep sounding tubular gong on a Chinese woodstock styled steel stand, complete with hardwood handled leather headed mallet.

Made from high quality steel (chrome plated)

In stock

Emperor Gong - Large

Emperor Gong - Large - view 1


The Large Emperor Gong is handcrafted using traditional methods. the Emperor Gong is made in Ash wood with a Cherry finish. The Emperor Gong itself is cast in bronze and polished to a shimmering finish and creating a beautiful authentic sound.

In stock

Healing Gong

Healing Gong - view 1


The Healing Gong is a beautifully constructed Gong using natural materials and traditional methods. The Healing Gong can be placed in the home or out on the patio where its graceful shape and lines will add a pleasing accent to any setting

In stock

Emperor Gong - Black

Emperor Gong - Black - view 1


The Emperor Gong is a handsome piece of art and music that will enhance any setting insde the home or out in the garden and on the patio.
Handcrafted in Ash timber with a fine black painted finish, the Emperor Gong has a bronze plate that completes this beautuful piece.

In stock

Woodstock Jade Bells

Woodstock Jade Bells - view 1


The Woodstock Jade Bells are inspired by ancient chinese bells . Woodstock Jade Bells look elegant and pleasing in any situation, whether in the home or in the garden.

Handmade in Ash wood with a green wash finish. the Woodstock Jade Bells has a soothing, meditative quality and it is enhanced not only with three bight nickel-plated steel bells, but with stone, coconut and wood. A lovely gift any time of the year.

In stock

Encore Wind Gong

Encore Wind Gong - view 1


The Encore Wind Gong is a wonderful centrepiece for a meditation room or serenity corner in the garden.

Handcrafted Bronze gong is made using traditional methods and materials, resulting in a clear, shimmering, authentic sound. The Encore Gong is a timeless gift for any occasion.

In stock

Emperor Bells

Emperor Bells - view 1


The Emperor Bells will make a wonderful focal point in the home or out in the garden.The Emperor Bells has five bells which evoke a beautiful, athentically oriental sound, conducive to soothing contemplation.

Hand made in Ash wood with graceful lines and traditionl design.

In stock

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