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Garden Art Accents Sub Category

Dance Sculpture

Dance Sculpture - view 1
Dance Sculpture - view 2
Dance Sculpture - view 3
Dance Sculpture - view 4


Made from inverted hammered stainless steel, the Dance Sculpture's undulations will produce abstract shapes and reflect the colour of your garden, the ever changing sky, and the sunshine!

When you place the Dance Sculpture in your garden perhaps as a centre piece in the midst of a border you really add a beautiful focal point that will be admired for years and enjoyed through the changing seasons. Fully rust proof.

In stock

Garden Flame

Garden Flame - view 1
Garden Flame - view 2
Garden Flame - view 3


Garden Flames will create a centre piece to any garden as the forms interplay and reflect light. They are made from stainless steel which is polished and buffed to leave a smooth and shiny surface.

These graceful stand alone pieces can be bought separately and create a stunning focal point in both traditional and contemporary settings. Grouped together as threesome aand the WOW factor increases tremendously!

In stock

Tropical Leaves set of 2


Unusual Stainless Steel Leaves that reflect colour and light from the finely cut steel. The leaves are on stakes which can be used in borders, tubs, by a pond or indoors for an effective focal point. Rust proof.

In stock

Antique Silver Armillary


Antique Silver Armillary complete with stand, made from solid brass, and finished with our renowned antique silver finish.

High quality design. Hand crafted in Poland. We have chosen to fill in the detail by hand with an antique black to highlight the lovely markings and give a feeling of depth to the decoration and numeral design.

In stock

Sphere Pyramid

Sphere Pyramid - view 1
Sphere Pyramid - view 2
Sphere Pyramid - view 3


These are really effective as an accent or focal point in the garden or on the patio.

They reflect whatever surface they are placed upon. Hand crafted in Poland. Made from rust proof stainless steel

Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery, as the items are often made to order.

In stock

Twinkling Leaf Large

Twinkling Leaf Large - view 1


Black & white twinkling leaf in mosaic mirror. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Gorgeous addition, to pots and patios.

The leaf moves gently in the wind. Modern, quirky and a brand new product.

In stock

Jupiter Balls


These attractive stainless steel balls make a nice feature in the border, beside a pond or on the patio. Never tarnishing and reflecting the light whether from the sun or outdoor lighting, the Jupiter Balls are a lively addition to any garden.

Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery, as the items are often made to order.

In stock

Garden Windmill


Garden Windmill - a modern take on a seaside favaurite. Hand crafted in Poland. Rust proof made in stainless steel.

Reflective steel play with the sunlight. Hand crafted in Poland. Rust proof made in stainless steel.

In stock

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