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Oasis - view 1
Oasis - view 2



Size: 19 x 19cm

In stock

The lovely rustic Oasis Water Feature is an unusual, elemental, table top fountain that is compact and attractive enough for both home, office or a meditation corner. Stone effect aged jars nestle into the rocky outcrops cascading water into the generous bowl below.

Detailed product information

Soothing sound of water as it trickles over the rocks calms the soul and centers the attention. Fully self contained and easy to to set up, needing just the addition of water and power to come alive and change the environment around it.
Would make a delightful gift for teacher, doctor offices, or for over stressed parents!

* Aged stone-effect jars on a rocky outcrop.
* Double cascade. large diameter bowl.
* Rust proof design. Comes complete with a water pump.
* The pump has adjustable water flow pressure.

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