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Jupiter Balls


Size: Diameter - Small (20 x 20cm), Med. (25 x 25cm), Large (30 x 30cm)

In stock


These attractive stainless steel balls make a nice feature in the border, beside a pond or on the patio. Never tarnishing and reflecting the light whether from the sun or outdoor lighting, the Jupiter Balls are a lively addition to any garden.

Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery, as the items are often made to order.

Detailed product information

Jupiter Balls are these versatile Spheres can be hung, or grouped in the borders for a fun, modern twist, light and airy they will twist and turn in the breeze if hung, throwing off sparkles of light in all directions and creating interesting patterns against walls.

Lively, and unique, these are made from Stainless Steel and will never rust or tarnish.

Hand made in Poland from Italian stainless steel.

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