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Home Vases Sub Category

Deep Bud Vase

Deep Bud Vase  - view 1
Deep Bud Vase  - view 2


Cheerful and attractive, these bud vases will compliment any setting. Made in cast aluminum and finished in ocean blue epoxy.

In stock

Sky Bud Vase

Sky Bud Vase - view 1
Sky Bud Vase - view 2
Sky Bud Vase - view 3


The Sky Blue Bud Vase is a lovely home accent which will look attractive in formal or informal settings. Crafted in sand cast aluminum and finished in a bold blue, the Sky Blue Bud Vase is a perfect gift for any time of year.

In stock

Shatter Vase Green

Shatter Vase Green  - view 1


The Shatter Vase Green is very eye-catching and a perfect home accent in any setting, formal or informal.
The vase is created by wrapping distressed glass onto a green vase, then dark putty is used to fill the gaps which emphasizes the shatter effect.

Stainless steel is used to rim the vase and black felt is applied to the base, to protect from scratches.

In stock

Geo Vase

Geo Vase - view 1
Geo Vase - view 2
Geo Vase - view 3


The Geo Vase has the look of stone uncovered in the sands of wild Utah where many fossils are discovered.

Made in stainless steel and then etched in acid, the Geo Vase is both decorative and useful, bold modern flower arrangements would look stunning in this beautiful vase.

In stock

Large Blue Shatter Vase

Large Blue Shatter Vase  - view 1
Large Blue Shatter Vase  - view 2


A stunning focal point can be yours with the Large Blue Shatter Vase. Distressed glass wrapped round the vase creates a crackle gaze of luminous blue that really catches the light, throwing a glow out into the room.

Beautiful enough to display on it's own or filled with bold and beautiful floral arrangements

In stock

Shatter Vase

Shatter Vase  - view 1
Shatter Vase  - view 2


The Shatter Vase is a contemporary shaped vase, attractive enough to stand alone as a display piece as well as providing a home for your gorgeous floral arrangements.

The antiqued effect is created by wrapping distressed glass onto a blue vase. The rim of the vase is made in stainless steel for a clean finish and black felt at the bottom of the vase prevents scratching of furniture.


In stock

Medium Blue Shatter Vase

Medium Blue Shatter Vase  - view 1
Medium Blue Shatter Vase  - view 2


This remarkable vase is created by wrapping distressed glass onto a blue vase.
Dark Putty fills the gaps emphasising the shatter effect while a broad stainless rim and black felt on the base finish the vase.

In stock

Small Blue Shatter Vase

Small Blue Shatter Vase - view 1
Small Blue Shatter Vase - view 2


Our most popular shape in the Shatter Glass range. The Vase has the antique effect created by the distressed glass wrapped around the vase.
A pleasing shape, resembling a plump Pear, this lovely vase or a set of three will create a vivid focal point anywhere in the home.

In stock

Blanco Vase

Blanco Vase  - view 1
Blanco Vase  - view 2


A set of contemporary, stylish and clean lined Bud Vases. The fresh white glaze is easy on the eye and add a modern, yet retro accent to any setting. The White contrasts nicely with the polished aluminium rim at the top.

Charming as a stand alone decoration or in a set of three, perhaps on a kitchen shelf, or in a contemporary living room.

In stock

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