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Gothic Revival Trough - view 1
Gothic Revival Trough - view 2

Gothic Revival Trough


Size: 42 x 48 x 94 cm Weight: 190 kg

In stock

The Gothic Revival Trough is made in Composite Stone aand has the ornate qualities of the Gothic design. If using as a planter, drainage holes will need to drilled into the bottom of the trough.

The Gothic Rivival Trough can also be mounted as a wall trough creating an attractive colourful focal point.

Detailed product information

Planters have multiple uses. Planters to be used as plant beds need to have drainage holes.

Gothic Revival Trough is hand made in composite stone. Made in UK.

Height: 42 cm (16.5 ins)
Width: 48 cm (19 ins)
Length: 94 cm (37 ins)
Weight: 190 kg

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