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Gem Ribbon Sun Catcher  - view 1
Gem Ribbon Sun Catcher  - view 2

Gem Ribbon Sun Catcher


Size: (65 x 2.5cm)

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The Gem Ribbon Sun Catcher has strands of stainless steel twisted so display a beautiful shimmer and glint as the sun strikes the body. Each of the Gem Ribbon Sun Catcher ribbons has three 30% lead crystals winking ever changing rainbow hues

Detailed product information

The Gem Ribbon Sun Catcher

Maintenance: Our The Gem Ribbon Sun Catcher requires an occasional light wash with rust proof window or stainless steel cleansers

Suitability: Indoors, Outdoors, Garden, Patio, Window Sill, Balcony or Courtyard

NO assembly required: Comes complete

Customer Reviews

  Set of 3 Gem Ribbons  This look great hanging from my tree, the sun catching them and the breeze spinning them - definately an eye catcher!!   (17/07/2013) Theresa - Ridgers

  Glistening ribbon  I love how these pick up the light and twirl in the breeze. Very cool to watch.   (28/06/2013) -

  really shine   bought just 3 of these but when they arrived and i put them in the garden i had to buy a further 3. ive hung them from hanging baskets which are on a post in the middle of my garden there a great addition   (26/06/2013) debi - kent

  Lovely.  Packaging wasnt very good just bubblewrap so they arrived bent and wouldnt spin. After about 3 hrs straightening and twisting I finally got them to spin and they are fantastic and even on a night they reflect the light.I wld buy more but only if they came better packaged.   (26/06/2013) Linda Guest - UK

  Fab!  These are great, can't take my eyes off them spinning in the wind!!   (25/04/2013) -

  Amazing Ribbons  Very simple but amazingly effective ribbons that twist even in the slightest breeze and reflect light, particularly picking up night light which looks as if you have lights hanging. Super inexpensive garden decoration.   (23/01/2013) Valerie - Peterborough

    These are absolutely beautiful would recommend as a present for garden lovers x   (07/12/2012) Kimberley - Essex

    turns freely in the lightest wind, reflects the sun rays really pretty. Great price. Fast delivery   (23/09/2012) Kass - Southall

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