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Wind Ornaments Sub Category

A unique selection of our beautiful and mesmerizing wind chimes, garden spinners and wind sculptures. Made from rust proof stainless steel.

Blue Flower Windmill

Blue Flower Windmill - view 1
Blue Flower Windmill - view 2
Blue Flower Windmill - view 3


Crafted from stainless steel with blue powder coating, the wind wheel is rust proof, but we recommend it is brought indoors in the winter months. Inspired by the much-loved seaside windmill toy, this spinner will be a joy to adults and children alike.

In stock

Star Spinner With Blue Marble

Star Spinner With Blue Marble - view 1


The Kiser Rotator is designed to display the beautiful marble which delicately turns with the gentlest of breeze. This charming wind spinner will compliment any garden

In stock

Steel Ribbons Wind Ornament

Steel Ribbons Wind Ornament  - view 1
Steel Ribbons Wind Ornament  - view 2


Our Steel Ribbons Wind Ornament contain strands of stainless steel twisted to shimmer and glint as the sun strikes the metal. Ribbons reflect any light at night and create an illusion of cascading stars.

In stock

Gyroscope Wind Ornament


Our Gyroscope wind ornament creates a stunning focal point is one of our best selling ornaments. This beautiful wind ornament captures the eye like nothing else and elicits sighs of pleasure. Fabulous at the back of the border, or in a tub on a patio. The Gyroscope wind ornament is made of high grade of stainless steel and rust proof.
Item made to order - waiting time 3 weeks

In stock

Wind Sailor Garden Ornament

Wind Sailor Garden Ornament  - view 1


The delicately hand crafted Wind Sailor garden ornament evoking the spiral movement of DNA as it spins. Our Wind Sailor garden ornament with its spinnaker-like sails is a graceful wind sculpture which delights the eye. Made in stainless steel and is completely rust proof.
Item made to order - waiting time 3 weeks

In stock

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