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Economy Red Water Feeder  - view 1
Economy Red Water Feeder  - view 2

Economy Red Water Feeder


Size: (9 x 30cm)

In stock


This fantastic Economy Red Water Feeder is designed to slowly release water to drying soil. Hand blown and made from 100% recycled glass, this frost proof water feeder is perfect for all plants and vegetables grown in pots.

Detailed product information

Material: 100% hand-blown recycled glass
How to use: Create a channel in the soil by placing the stem of the empty water feeder into the soil. Then remove the soil from stem of the water feeder. Finally, fill the water feeder with water and place in previously-created channel. If used outside, during the rainy days the water feeder will collect the water and release gradually over next 5-7 days.
Suitability: Indoor, Outdoor, Water and Tea Light Candles
Maintenance: Our Economy Red Water Feeder requires a light occasional wash

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