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Crystal Ribbon Sun Catcher  - view 1
Crystal Ribbon Sun Catcher  - view 2
Crystal Ribbon Sun Catcher  - view 3
Crystal Ribbon Sun Catcher  - view 4

Crystal Ribbon Sun Catcher



In stock

The Crystal Ribbon Sun Catcher is a swirling, shimmering ribbon with 30% lead crystal sparkling along the edge. Hand crafted in Stainless Steel, this delicate sun catcher will look perfect in any outdoor area. Special Offer: Buy 1, Get 1 Free.

Detailed product information

Crystal Ribbon Sun Catcher

Maintenance: Our Crystal Ribbon Sun Catcher requires an occasional light wash with rust proof window or stainless steel cleansers

Suitability: Indoors, Outdoors, Garden, Patio, Window Sill, Balcony or Courtyard

NO assembly required: Comes complete

Customer Reviews

  Plum tree decoration  I have hung the crystal ribbons from a plum tree, and, from a distance, as they twist in the breeze they give the impression of water falling from the branches. It is rather more subtle than some of the other wind chimes and novelties, but the effect is very gentle and pretty. the crystals sparkle   (01/07/2013) Davina - Kent

  Twirling Crystals  I love to watch the ribbon twirl in the breeze. I hung a sun catcher inside it and they complement each other and it looks wonderful. I love it!   (28/06/2013) -

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