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Crystal Infinity XL Crystal Spinner


Size: (46 x 33cm)

In stock

Our Crystal Infinity XL Wind Spinner is our modern style Wind Spinner that will catch the eye as it gracefully catches the breeze. The crystal suspended in the centre of the wavy etched stainless steel, turns rainbow colours as it twinkles in the sunlight

Detailed product information

The Crystal Infinity XL Wind Spinner with a 30% lead crystal hanging in the centre. Reflective steel play with the elements. A beautiful effect and a lovely gift

Home to Garden Crystal Infinity XL Wind Spinner are manufactured to use only the best stainless steel, which will never tarnish or rust.

Maintenance: Our Crystal Infinity XL Wind Spinner requires an occasional light wash with rust proof window or stainless steel cleansers.

Suitability: Outdoors, Garden, Patio, Balcony or Courtyard.

NO assembly required: Comes complete and ready to hang.

Materials: Rust proof stainless steel.

Made to order

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