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Chimes of Apollo - Black - view 1

Chimes of Apollo - Black


Size: Length: 74"

In stock

The Chimes of Apollo is fashioned after the original designs of Stephen Burnam. The look is boldly elegant, the sound and resonance of these hand tuned chimes is melodic and soothing.

A beautiful gift for any occasion, this Woodstock Chime is one of the best on the market, coming from a company with more than thirty years of chime making experience. A Woodstock Chime is truly a gift that will please the senses, and become a treasured focal point in either the home, or in the garden.

Detailed product information

Fashioned after the orginal designs of Stephen Burnam, the look is boldly elegant, the sound is irresistibly beautiful and the resonance is breathtaking. 6 black tubes

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