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Chakra Chain - view 1
Chakra Chain - view 2
Chakra Chain Hanging Crystal  - view 3

Chakra Chain Hanging Crystal


Size: 4 x 20cm

In stock


Our Chakra Chain Hanging Crystal is a delicate strand of multi-coloured crystals stacked to catch the light and twinkle like jewels in the sky. This fantastic hanging crystal is made from 30% lead healing crystals

Detailed product information

Material: 30% lead healing crystals
Suitability: Indoor or Outdoor
Maintenance: Our Chakra Chain Hanging Crystal require a light occasional wash
Additional information: The colours of the Chakra utilise the powerful effects of colour therapy to help balance and heal you. Healing Crystals are used in a gentle non-invasive way to holistically help clear and calm the mind and body. Healing Crystals have been used for centuries to help stimulate the natural healing abilities of the body and to harmonize the emotions and spirit.

Austrian high quality crystal.

Customer Reviews

  happy!  looking beautiful hanging in my kitchen window, great reflections   (09/10/2012) Nicola - Ricky

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