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Bilbao Stainless Steel  - view 1
Bilbao Stainless Steel  - view 2

Bilbao Stainless Steel


Size: 17 x 17 x 20 cm

In stock

The Bilbao Stainless Steel Fountain is an attractive self contained water feature that will enhance your living space with it's cheerful, burbling, water music as it cascades down the stainless steel sculpture into the tray below.

Detailed product information

Polished to maximize the reflective virtues of stainless steel, this an ideal accent for a modern or contemporary setting. Indoor Water Features from Home to Garden are an ideal gift for any time of the year, especially as a get well gift for those who are suffering from any illness. The water adds humidity to the room and helps clear toxins from the air.

* Fully self contained
* Modern Stainless Steel design
* Handmade and polished
* Ideal for placing onto a tabletop or window ledge
* Improves health by removing toxins from the air
* Increase the humidity levels in your home
* Easy to set up
* Energy efficient
* Add a sense of calm and tranquility to your home
* Indoor use only
* This would make a great gift

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