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Big Pear - view 1
Big Pear - view 2
Big Pear - view 3
Big Pear - view 4
Big Pear - view 5

Big Pear


Size: 70 x 50 cm

In stock

Unique stone sculpture, eye-catching and graceful in its simplicity. Made in composite stone, this is a genuine piece for the garden that will last eternity.

Big Pear is hand made in UK to order in composite stone. Delivery time around 3 weeks

Detailed product information

This is lovely, modern pear would look great teamed with the Big Apple for a fruit bowl effect. Or try positioning two pears together, one upright and one laying on its side. These beautifully crafted fruit sculptures bring a contemporary feel to any surroundings.

Stand alone statement piece on a lawn or patio or hidden deeper in the garden as a whimsical surprise to chance upon.

Height : 80 cm
Width : 48cm
Diameter : 53 cm
Weight : 100 kg approx

Hand made in UK to order in composite stone, to last a lifetime.. Delivery time around 3 weeks

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