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Big Acorn - view 1
Big Acorn - view 2
Big Acorn - view 3
Big Acorn - view 4
Big Acorn - view 5

Big Acorn


Size: 64 x 43cm

In stock

From little acorns, big oak trees grow. From big Acorns the possibilities are endless! Let your imagination go wild and your garden grow around this awesome centrepiece.

Big Acorn is hand made in UK to order in composite stone. Delivery time around 3 weeks

Detailed product information

The oak is the national tree of England, and features heavily in our native woodland. Come autumn, its distinctive acorns decorate the woodland floor. With this skilfully crafted sculpture you can bring the feel of Britain's ancient forests into your own garden.

Height : 64 cm
Width : 43 cm
Weight : 90 kg approx

Hand made in UK to order in composite stone, to last a lifetime.

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