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Bambury Fountain - view 1
Bambury Fountain - view 2
Bambury Fountain - view 3
Bambury Fountain - view 4

Bambury Fountain


Size: Height: 218.5 cm
Diameter (large bowl): 112 cm
Base diameter: 61 cm
Weight: 255-305 kg

In stock

The Bambury Fountain is classical in style and shape, not too much ornate nor whimsical embellishments on the Bambury Fountain. Hence it is easy to find many situations it would find itself a perfect compliment for.

The Pinapple finial topped first bowl cascades into the second bowl which then overflows as a curtain into the pool below. With careful installation the Bambury Fountain will provide years of pleasure.

Detailed product information

Fountains can give years of pleasure but care needs to be taken in installation. Many fountains can function without an external water supply. In winter, please ensure that fountain does not freeze, a simple tennis ball can prevent this.

Hand made in UK to order in composite stone, to last a lifetime. Delivery time around 3 weeks

Height: 218.5 cm (86 ins)
Diameter (large bowl): 112 cm (44 ins)
Base diameter: 61 cm (24 ins)
Weight: 255-305 kg

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