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FREE DELIVERY on most orders within UK!

Since 1996, Home to Garden have been supplying retail outlets with unique creations for the garden. Wind Sculptures that mesmerize the eye, Glass Rainbow Bubbles that enchant and delight, Chimes that are hand tuned or folksy and homespun.

Request a Trade catalogue by going to 'Contact Us' page.

We love to create our own designs as well as offering those of other companies which we think will appeal to our customers. Decorating the garden with visual accents is relatively new, but has proved very poplar and pleasing to the senses. We support many hospices, homes and schools with our products as they are perfect for sensory gardens. You will find us on QVC UK presenting some of our latest items usually within the Garden Show Hour on the weekend. Our Internet site is designed for those who love being in the garden whether entertaining, or just sitting in quiet repose and contemplation. We appreciate all the feedback via email and handwritten letters from customers who have purchased one of our products and are so happy with them. !

In order to request the trade catalogue and price list, please fill in the details under 'Trade Enquiries' section located the the bottom of the left hand-side menu bar.

Magic Henig and the
The Home 2 Garden Team

Charities Support

Home to Garden are proud to support the worthy charities in their goal to make life a journey filed with love, compassion and stimulation.

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