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 Meditating Couple - view 1
 Meditating Couple - view 2
 Meditating Couple - view 3

Meditating Couple


Size: 55 x 39 x 90 cm

Out of stock

The meditating couple is a sensual garden sculpture evoking a feeling of treasured closeness between two people. Made in Poly-resin in a granite effect, the Meditating Couple is a perfect wedding or anniversary gift.

The water cascades between the two figures representing the flow of love between the two.

Detailed product information

Graceful sculpture of harmony and love between a couple. Abstract, yet truly defining image of two entwined in peaceful contemplation.

No additional reservoir is required - the water recirculates from within a reservoir hidden inside the featur

* Lights:1 Cluster Led’s
* Fully self contained
* High quality polyresin with a realistic aged stone effect
* Grade 304 stainless steel heads to the sculpture
* Built-in clustered white LED lights at the base
* Looks great at night
* Low voltage (Just the one plug for the pump and lights)
* Quality pump
* Easy to install & maintain
* Child & Pet Safe
* Indoor and Outdoor use

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