Winter in the Garden

In deep mid winter we let the garden slumber until the snow melts away and the first green shoots and snow drops appear.
Now is the time to look through bulb and seed catalogues and plan what sort of garden you would like to look out upon in the coming months. The seed catalogues are filled with everything from old cottage garden favourites, to the most exotic and newly acquired flowering plants from Asia.

Right now though, you can still create a wonderful winter wonderland in your garden, patio, or balcony using the products we offer at Home2Garden. The Rainbow Bubbles are delightful Garden Sculptures placed in the garden as they will turn into opalescent pearls when the frost turns the world silver! They are completely frost proof so will withstand the harshest weather. When the frost turns to snow, the Bubbles become Snow Bubbles! Very enchanting and magical!

Garden Sculptures that interact with the elements are another way to capture the eye all year round but particularly in the winter when all is frozen, snowy and still. Home2Garden specialises in Kinetic Wind Sculptures which are the most popular of our Garden Ornaments. The blades catch the snow yet still turn in the slightest breeze creating a fascinating moving snow sculpture. Most of our own Wind Sculptures are created in Stainless Steel so they will stay bright and reflective even on the dullest of winter days.

. This is my favourite time of year to enjoy the various wind sculptures and Wind Ornaments that hang in the garden. With the lack of colour from flowers and plants, it can be a rather forlorn outlook, yet just one lovely focal point, such as these will breath life and colour in your garden. Be it an enchanting Rainbow Bubble (or three), or mesmerising Wind Sculptures, as they interact with the winter elements, the become more beautiful the colder or snowier it gets.

So take time to relax, peruse your catalogues by a cozy fire, and occasionally look up and out the window to see your garden decorated with a delightful garden accent. They will entrance and inspire you without having to wait until Spring. The garden in winter deserves a little dressing up and we have the loveliest of gifts for your garden to choose from.

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