The sunshine continues another week

The sunshine continues another week, the nicest springtime we have had for years. The downside of too much sun in a country that is usually so well watered is our flower beds suffer, as well as our lawns. On our web site we have solutions to the plant pot watering issue with our wonderful water feeder bulbs which will gently water your plants and flowers throughout the week releasing water as the roots need them. We also have an extensive selection of watering cans both whimiscal and traditional styles which are sure to please everyone and make watering a fun past time for visiting grand children!
When watering remember to add a little feed powder to the water to encourge more blooms in your hanging baskets and window boxes. Also a good covering of compost in the borders will help to trap moisture for longer and keep your flowers and plants less stressed by the lack of rain.

Once the hard work is done and you are ready to relax, make a lovely setting on your patio table. To keep insects away, our gorgeous oil burners make attractive vessels for Citronella oil to burn and keep the pests away. Place around the the deck or on the table and enjoy the painted glass orbs which are made from 100 percent reycled glass and mouth blown in Poland.
We also have a wonderful selection of candles and tealight holders to fill the surrounding area with an ethereal glow as evening falls and the air fills with bird song before dark.

There are so many ways to decorate your outdoor areas and we strive to offer you unique, attractive accents that please the eye and ears, but also may be useful too in helping to maintain a beautiful garden, patio, or balcony that fills you with happiness.

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