Summer Soltice

In only a few days, Summer officially begins! Already the air is perfumed with that unmistakable scent of the elder flowers in full bloom! This weekend I am going to pick the flower heads and create an old English dessert of Elderflower Fritters. I have not made them for a long time but the delicate taste, enhanced by a sprinkling of icing sugar haunts my memory! The recipe only requires a light pancake batter and very hot oil. Dip the flower heads into the batter and then into the very hot Sunflower oil until just golden. Take out, drain, and sprinkle with the sugar. A little whipped cream with it and every bite is like a taste of golden summer, sunshine!
As the sun is out today and the sky a cloudless deep blue, we have gone out with some of our newest creations which we love and judging by the reaction of people passing by, we think we are onto a real winner! The Cosmos is a wind sculpture which really mesmerizes and fascinates as the sun disks on each arm turn, twist and spin in the wind. It is not like any other idea we have used! We will shortly have a video up on the website of it doing it’s dance in the wind and we would love to hear any comments or ideas that you might have.
Summer in England, and all the flowers in blooms, the sun bright, the sky clear, it doesn’t get better than this!

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