Decorating for Christmas and the Holidays

Creating a cheery atmosphere at the holidays can be a creative and rewarding time, especially if one uses natural items gathered from the fields and woods, even supermarket isles! Decorating pine cones with glitter is one of the first ways to herald the season. A bowl of pine cones glittering in the window or beneath a lamp on a table is easy and effective and fun for children to do on a gloomy afternoon. All that is needed is a bottle of paper glue and a choice of glitter in silver, gold and royal purple. A squirt of glue on the pine cones mostly on the tips and a sprinkle of glitter and the pine cones are dressed for the season!

Growing up in America, it was a custom to create decorations from things that were found around us, perhaps it stemmed from the era of the pioneers when the pioneers as they moved across the country, did not carry fancy decorations with them. Stars were sewn from scraps of calico and gingham, garlands for the tree were made from threading popped popcorn into long strands that could be draped around the tree. Later on these were interspersed with shiny ruby red cranberries. This is fun and easy to make today. Buy a packet of micro wave popping corn unbuttered, (Needs to be white shade when popped) and a bag of fresh cranberries. Thread a needle creating a 4 foot strand, begin threading the strand with 6 cranberries and then 6 pieces of popped corn. The result will be a red and white strand of texture and colour, Earthy and homespun with a real feel of old time Christmas! Walnuts sprayed gold and glued with a golden tying twine at the top, and Almonds sprayed silver and tied with a pink ribbon at the top can be used as enchanting Christmas ornaments and last for years and years. There are many ways to save expense and still create a magical feeling of the holidays in the home, making some of the decorations enhances the experience of anticipation!

We, at Home 2 Garden love decorating our environment year round and our products on the web site will hopefully be what you or those you love would be happy to give or receive this year. So many of our Wind Sculptures and Wind Dancers, Spinners and Kinetics are especially effective during the snowy winter months and for those who do choose to put one in the garden this year, please take photos of it in the frost and snow. I did last year and even with the snow laden on the blades, the Snowy Nova kept turning in the wind, it was truly spectacular! I will include my photo from last year and hope you will send me photos of yours in the winter! We will send out little thank you gifts to the best photos!

The season is as jolly as you make it, even with limited funds, there are many ways to create an enchanting holiday atmosphere in the home, and making them yourselves and with children brings an added touch of home, hearth and togetherness!

Winter coming…

Sometimes the days can seem short and rather dreary to all of us. Imagine how it might feel to someone you know who may be housebound, ill or disabled. Winter is a difficult time to get out of doors and let nature entertain and uplift the spirits. I was very ill when I first found my inspiration for Home to Garden. I had been working for extra Christmas money at the perfume counter of Boots which was next to the pharmacy. It was a particularly cold winter in 1996 and everyone seemed to have a cold! Of course the easiest place after picking up remedies at the pharmacy was to grab a gift was the perfumery. I must have inoculated myself for life with the amount of germs I was handling! At any rate I came down first with the flu and then Pnemonia and was out of commission for 3 weeks, which is a lot of time for a busy bee like myself. But in that pause, when I had nothing to do but stare outside at the frozen landscape, the one thing that kept me entertained and delighted my eye, was a wonderful Wind Sculpture I had brought back from California. There it was when all else seemed dead to the world, spinning, and dancing on the breath of a frozen breeze. I fell in love with it then and there! It seemed to reassure me that life existed out there where it was too cold for spending much time outdoors. It interacted with what element it could, the wind. There was no sunshine to speak of, but once the sun did come out, my Wind Dancer sparkled and dazzled and mesmerized me. That is when I knew I had to bring, create and get manufactured for England these enchanting garden ornaments.

If you can think of anyone who is in need of cheering up as they are alone and housebound or just poorly, our Wind Dancers, Wind Sculptures, Wind Chimes Sun Disks and Friendship Balls, will make an absolutely wonderful gift! We supply many hospices, schools and hospitals with our products as the concept of gardens or areas that have what is called a sensory aspect, one which excites different senses in pleasing ways, has become more and more popular.

As the Christmas season approaches, and thinking of gifts that are just that bit more unique, graceful, mesmerizing and enjoyable all year around, I hope you will browse through our web site and see for yourself how our products could be just the thing for your own home and garden but especially for those you know who may be homebound and unwell. Bring the Christmas spirit into the garden too!

Early darkness of November…

Sometimes the early darkness of November days can push us indoors and we forget about our gardens or just breathing fresh air. This can create a sense of melancholy. It is so vital to our well being to get outside for a good hour a day, pottering in the garden, sweeping leaves, dead heading flowers, spreading manure over the borders. Even if one has no garden, taking a walk in a park or nearby woodland allows the delicious scent of damp earth and leaves to fill your nostrils and clear your head. A little exertion out of doors just before night closes in, gives one a sense that they have earned their nice cup of tea when they return home. It really is such a simple exercise but it is truly a tonic for the short day blues! Looking at the Home2Garden web site is another dark afternoon activity as you will find we are always creating or sourcing new products which will appeal to our customers.

Coming soon are new designs of the ever popular Wind Sculptures, and Crystal Creations. We are creating a line of Garden Jewelry to bedeck your tree trunks or hang from branchs, using crystals and glass, copper and stainless steel. It is exciting to create pretty ornanments and stand alone statement pieces for the garden that we know will chase away the winter blues!

Looking out onto whatever space you have or even within the window, try hanging our forthcoming
Sun Discs and Friendship Balls which are absolutely gorgeous and brand new! They are handblown in Vermont by an artisan glass blower and are breathtaking in their jewel-like colour and originality! We are the first company in the UK or Europe to offer them and know how much admiration they will inspire in your home or garden, just hang where light will shine through and illuminate these beautiful orbs and discs of colour. Just because the weather is colder and the nights longer doesnt mean our gardens cannot sing with light, movement and colour in the months ahead.

Solar Lights

As the days shorten and the nights draw in, illuminating the darkness can become a fun and satisying art form. There are many new designs now in Solar Lighting that will light up as soon as the sun disappears and create a welcoming glow along your path, in the courtyard or balcony. The Solar Lights great advantage is, there is no need for an electrical outlet. You simply find the spots or spots you want to glow with light and hang or stake your illuminating Solar Lights. There are choices in beautiful strands of solar lights to string from tree branches or wrap around a shrub. These simple but effective garden decoration and ornaments can do so much to cheer the November darkness!

Using the warmth of candle light everywhere within the home has become so popular over the last ten years, that the choice of tea-lights and candles themselves has multiplied tremendously! We like to light up both inside and out at especially with our glass hurricane lanterns, shaped in an orb and with a crown of rainbow splashed through. It is bright and magical and so frost proof it can stay out all year! If used indoors, create a lovely centrepiece to dress up for the holidays!

Another alternative or addition is using hanging tea-light holders to suspend the candle light, our choices of tea-light holders will suit most tastes and we are always on the lookout for new ideas! Hanging tea-lights do not have to be limited to summer use as the glow of candles suspended from bare tree branches, creates a beautiful winter warmth, even through the darkest months.

We hope you enjoy the range of tea -light holders and Solar Lighting on our web site!

October Gardening Tips

It is the beginning of October and what a way to start the month. With temperatures at record breaking highs, clear skies and sunshine galore, a sense of jolliness pervades the air. The garden is bursting with colour, in reds and golds! There are also trees and shrubs going into a second flowering, apple trees are sprouting blossoms at the same time as the apples have ripened! Very confusing time for the flowers and plants as normally all would be dying down for the winter.

As this last burst of summer fades away and autumn approaches, there are several jobs which can be done to prepare for winter and ensure a really good start next spring.

Divide perennials.
Summer flowering herbaceous perennials can be lifted and divided if the plants have become congested. This has the added advantage of highlighting other parts of your garden and increasing your plant stock at no extra cost.

As a general rule, use a garden fork to gently lift the section of plant you want to separate, working from the crown outwards. Shake off any excess soil and replant in your chosen spot as soon as possible, remembering to water frequently. Some large or more established perennials may need a spade or two back to back forks to split the plant easily.

Plant shrubs and evergreens
September is an ideal time of the year to plant new shrubs or to transplant any plants that need to be moved to a more relevant area of your garden. This will help to get the roots well established before the winter sets in, giving it a head start for the growing season next spring.

General Maintenance
Clear Gutters, and lawns as the leaves begin to fall. Gutters get clogged so quickly and create a hazard close to the home. Equally, the lawn will turn yellow and prone to moss if leaves are left to mould and suffocate the grass. Clean and repair all tools before the start of winter.

Outdoor Winter Decoration
Now might be the time to choose some decorative garden gifts or garden ornaments which will cheer up the garden through the dreary calendar months. Our stainless steel kinetic wind sculptures and wind dancers are a favourite for something pleasing to observe spinning and turning in the wind rain and snow. As it is stainless steel it will never tarnish or rust and always catch what ever sunlight there is causing it to sparkle as it turns! Maybe a little night illumination with our solar powered decorative garden accents, strings of lights, butterflys and dragonflys on stakes, or tulip shaped staked lights to illuminate your pathway.

The garden patio or even balconey can be decorated with lovely items from Home2Garden all through the year, so even in the most bitter weather looking out into the garden is stimulating, and pleasureable.

Enjoy the Indian Summer and this golden harvest month of October!

Autumn mists and mellowness

September in the garden is a lovely ,soft focus time when the fruits and berries are ripe and sweet and flowers are of golden hues.

Leaves begin to colour and mist appears in the morning. Spiders spin webs that sparkle with dew. It is still warm enough to enjoy sitting in the garden watching the season change into Autumn.

September is a busy time for the gardener as the ground is still moist and warm enough to lift, split and replant perennials, such as Lupins, Delphiniums, and Foxgloves.

This is also the time for planting bulbs. There are so many different bulbs to choose from, easy to plant and the spectacular results will appear next spring and summer!

As the flowering plants and shrubs lose their colourful flowers, within our website you will find a huge choice of garden accents and ornaments that will keep your garden looking special through all the seasons.
Our kinetic wind sculptures will catch the eye all year long as it spins and twinkles. Even on the most bitterly cold day, one can look out the window and the wind sculpture will be alive to the elements and pleasing to the senses! These are our favourites!

Everything from garden gazebos, to solar lighting and garden gnomes can enhance your garden now and in the months ahead. Our Hurricane Bubble Lantern will illuminate your patio table like a big moonlit orb splashed with Rainbow!

Have fun in your garden, just because the nights are drawing in does not mean play time is over! Adorn your outdoor area with eye-catching, colourful, graceful objects that personalise your space and make it pleasureable to enjoy even as we move into cooler, rainier months.

Lisa Duffy Atkin

Nova Wind Dancer

Dear Mr Henig

Just to let you know the Nova arrived today in beautiful condition.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration in this matter.

The obelisk I also bought for a present has been the subject of many enquiries so I have passed your details on to friends

Thanks again