You’ll Really Dig our Great Gardening Gift Ideas

Spring is the busiest time of the year for keen gardeners with lots of digging and planting to be done. With so much to do, they’re sure to appreciate something from our great selection of gardening gift ideas to spur them on.

You could opt for something practical from our tool section; replace a loved one’s rusty old trowel, or give them a head start with the pruning with a snappy new pair of secateurs. Weeds abound at this time of year, so a patio weeder will be a welcome gift for anyone trying to keep their terrace neat.

Or you could plump for something decorative but useful too, like our rather fantastic range of ornamental watering cans. There is an inquisitive silver pig, a cute bronze duckling, an endearing elephant and a cheeky frog. Particularly nice for children are the Robin Watering Can and the Small Snail. As well as being utterly charming, they’re a manageable size for little gardeners.

Many gardeners welcome birds to their gardens because as well as being entertaining they help to keep bugs and plant parasites to a minimum. Bird baths and feeders can make lovely presents and we have designs to suit all tastes. The Contemporary Bird Feeder or the Pyramid Feeder would complement a modern setting, while the Chelmer Bird Table or the Northampton Bird Bath would be at home in a more traditional garden.

So go on, the gardeners are going all out at this time of year, and they deserve a treat!

Garden Ornaments Making Garden Have Extravagantly Beautiful

A garden is not just a place to sit and look around the greenery. Rather, this place is something to enjoy from the inner heart. Looking over, usual pants, and flowers, sometimes make you feel like boredom. If any dear one of you asks, to sit in lawn, you may nod your head in ‘NO’ as an answer just because of usual scenario.

If gardening is your hobby; and you like to spend your pleasure time sitting in your enclosure, you must decorate it with garden ornaments. Garden ornaments, makes your green enclosure look more extravagant and beautiful.

Why Garden Decoration Accessories?

Human taste always needs, some new and apparel look in their environment. Garden accessories, not just gives your garden a new look, but as well it makes your place wonderful, soothing and a pleasing place to sit longer and feel close proximity with nature. Choose into varieties like-

  • Wind sculptures
  • Glass ornaments
  • Wind chimes
  • Water features
  • Garden statues

When any of these beautiful products comes into your green enclosure, some kind of beautiful energy seems like spreading all over. Your old and usual plants,  flowers all seem to dance with new fresh beauty. You yourself, can feel that you are spending more time in the garden rather than sitting anywhere else.

Choose Home2Garden-

Every decorative collection are high price, and if you plan to buy any of it, you pull back your hand, because of out of budget price. Home 2 Garden, brings ‘Outdoor Garden Décor’ in low price and easy pocket friendly rates. Every extravagant product is low priced, so that you can just buy and make your garden look eye-popping. Home 2 Garden, also gives free shipping to every of its service area in short business days. Check for the best decorative product and discount rates, and enjoy secure payment.

Gift Your Friend An Exclusive Garden Ornament

When any friend or relative of yours, call you for a party or gathering, first thing that rings your mind, is ‘what gift to choose’. Selection of gift is really very hard. A choosy person, makes their choice for unique gifts. You go into gift shops, and choose from the best and classic one. If your visiting destination has garden, you must go for garden decoration, to gift something new and classic one. Garden ornaments gifts, not only make another person delighted, but also outrages, your tasteful choice. Buying garden ornaments as gifts, is not so hard because of the low price.

Gift Categories-

If you have completely set your mind, to gift something extravagant and beautiful to your relative and friend, then you must check Home 2 Garden. The company offers an exclusive collection in gift categories. These products are so impressive that it seems to speak some silent words to you, and also enriching the beauty of the garden.

  • Garden birds
  • Garden art accents
  • Garden insects
  • Resin garden creatures
  • Tea lights

Every of the products by placing in the garden, makes the place an eye-catchy destination. The one whom you had gifted, will always praise your such a wonderful choice.

Home2Garden Your Shopping Store-

To buy any impressive garden ornaments and to have impressive gardening gift ideas, always go to Home 2 Garden. The company is an online store in garden ornaments. Every product is low priced, so that you can easily afford to buy, and enjoy free shipping to every of its business area. Check for the new and fresh collection in gift categories, and buy tasteful choice of yours. With Home 2 Garden, gift your friend or relative the most evergreen gift. You can have a secure payment mode. Check for the discounts and price offerings now.

Get a Futuristic Feel With Modern Garden Sculpture

The clocks have sprung forward, catapulting us into spring. Which means it’s time to look to the future and plan a sharp new image for your garden? A contemporary design can transform your outdoor area into a chic alfresco space, and this space can be enhanced by the clever use of modern garden sculpture.

Garden Sculptures

Are you looking out of your window at overgrown beds, cracked paving and a patchy lawn? Does it really look welcoming? Is there somewhere to socialise with friends or sit down to a family meal on a balmy summer evening?

Start by getting out into the space, having a walk around and thinking about what your ideal garden would look like. A contemporary design can incorporate the clean lines and symmetry of a formal garden, a minimalist oriental look or a funky urban outdoor living room.

Whatever you choose, there’s sure to be something in our collection of modern garden sculpture to complement your new design. Take a look at our stainless steel wind sculptures; the Wind Sailor and the Cosmos Sun Dancer would be particularly at home in a contemporary garden setting.

A twist on the traditional can add a touch of humour to your garden design. Consider, for example, the visual effect of a life-sized, composite stone Stag’s Head statue in a modern garden setting. Sometimes the greatest impact is achieved by the unexpected combination of the conventional and the contemporary.

It’s Spring! Time to Make Your Garden Shine

While the warmth of spring has remained somewhat elusive, we have at least had a few rays of sun bravely breaking through the clouds. Why not think about adding something shiny to your garden to reflect and magnify the beams?

Our great range of metal garden ornaments is sure to add a bit of sparkle and cheer to your surroundings. Take a look at the fantastic stainless steel Jupiter Balls, which make an eye-catching feature in borders, by a pond or on a patio. Also rather charming is the set of five Steel Sphere Orbits, which resemble a cluster of balloons, and bob around merrily in the breeze.

Metal Garden Ornaments

If you really want to make a statement with your metal garden ornaments then we can recommend the impressive hammered stainless steel Dance Sculpture, the undulating surfaces of which will catch the (hopefully!) changing skies above. It’s highly polished finish also reflects the changing flora of your garden as the seasons come and go.

Then there’s the grand Antique Silver Armillary, fashioned from solid brass and plated with an antique silver finish. This spherical astrolabe makes a handsome addition to any garden, and would make an impressive gift for the stargazer in your life.

The spring is here, bringing new life to the garden. Time for a little reflection!

Get Arty With Our Selection of Garden Sculptures

Can there be a more lovely setting for a sculpture than out in the natural surroundings of a garden? There’s something so charming about discovering a piece of art peeking out from the surrounding foliage, as if it has been waiting to surprise and delight visitors. Equally it can be quite breath-taking to see a big, bold statue commanding attention in the centre of a lawn or patio. If you’re searching for artistic inspiration, take a look around our collection of garden sculptures where you’re sure to find something to enhance your outdoor space.

Garden  Sculptures

For those who are feeling fruity, there are the hand-crafted Big Apple and Big Pear. These composite stone artworks would look especially charming placed under a real apple or pear tree, but are sure to add visual interest to any setting. Staying on a natural theme, we have the Big Acorn and Big Walnut. Try these as standalone pieces, or group a few together for extra impact.

It’s always nice to have a feline friend for company, and our snowy white Stone Cat makes for a lovely companion in the garden, or would look great sunning himself on a patio. If you’re not a cat person, don’t worry, we’ve got a range of other animals including a pair of marble doves, and a bronze frog.

Last, but by no means least, meet our fabulous Sphinx who will reign over your garden with her regal gaze, greeting visitors in grand style.

Put the Breeze to Work with Wind Spinners

Wind spinners and wind chimes are two exciting ways of using the breeze which is in such plentiful supply in this country! Get ready to greet gusty days with glee with our selection of kinetic creations.

From the tinkle of glass to the mellow notes of bamboo pipes, there is a sound to please everyone in our range of wind chimes. And with an enormous array of designs, there’s a look to suit every garden too.

Wind Spinners

Since the spring seems to have deserted us, why not let the meditative resonance of bamboo from the Hibiscus Natural Chime transport you to a faraway tropical beach? At least it will sound like summer is coming!

Or, if you want a more energising sound, take a look at our lovely recycled glass collection. These colourful decorations sparkle in the light as well as tinkling merrily in the breeze and are sure to bring cheer to any garden. Available in leaf, fish, rectangle and squiggle shapes, the glass is frost proof, so they can stay outside all year round.

Alternatively, a well-placed wind spinner can bring sparkle and movement to a dark corner. These elegant wind dancers turn gracefully on a breath of breeze, catching the light as they spin. Check out the mesmerising Double Nova or Butterfly, both crafted in rustproof stainless steel to make sure they keep their shine.

The gusts seem to be with us to stay, so why not try to catch the wind?

Give Your Garden a New Look with Our Extensive Selection of Outdoor Water Features

When it comes to adding style and character to your garden, there’s nothing quite like outdoor water features. The right piece can bring your garden design together and will form a stunning focal point. And with the huge range of designs we have available, you can really find something to express your individuality and make your garden unique. Take a look around our array of beautiful sculptures, figures, columns, orbs and tiered urns and you’re sure to spot a water feature that would enhance your garden.

Outdoor Water Features

If it is clean, modern lines you’re looking for, our stunning range of stainless steel sculptures comprising the Naples, the Ankara, the Monaco, the Hamburg, the Brussels, the Singapore, the Nassau, the Minsk and the Alicante is a great place to start. Water glides over the gleaming orbs, columns, cylinders and waves of this contemporary collection, to mesmerising effect. And when darkness falls, integral LED lighting means the sculptures glow against the night sky.

Abstract sculptures depicting couples can add a sensuous and romantic air to a garden and are a lovely way of celebrating a special relationship. Our embracing couple in a black granite finish or the kissing couple water feature are both elegant examples from our extensive collection of best garden ornaments.

We’ve only skimmed the surface of what we’ve got to offer, so take a look around the site and find the right water feature to turn your garden into something spectacular.

Start Your Own Outdoor Gallery with Garden Wall Art

Most gardens have a wall or fence that is a bit shabby or dull. But there’s no need for it to be that way, when with some cleverly placed garden wall art you can turn that boring corner into your very own outdoor gallery.

Garden Wall Art

Why not try hanging our stainless steel garden reflection shapes? Available in a classic orb or a heart design, not only will their polished surfaces catch the light, but they’ll also mirror the beauty of your garden. And as the flowers and blooms of your beds change with the seasons, so too will the beautiful images captured by the reflective shapes. See the spring buds appear, the summer in full bloom and the golden leaves of autumn all stunningly depicted in your garden gallery.

Don’t forget the lower part of walls or fences, which can also often do with a little brightening up. Decorations such as our mosaic mirrored twinkling leaves or stainless steel tropical leaves are on stakes which can be driven into the ground next to the base of the fence, adding extra visual interest at different levels.

There’s so much possibility in that plain old fence! Think of it as a blank canvass and you’ll soon find, with a little bit of inspiration, that tired corner of the garden can be easily transformed into a real highlight of your outdoor space.

Brighten Up Someone’s Day with Our Unique Gardening Gifts

What do you get for the gardener who has everything? We think the answer lies in our amazing and extensive collection of unique gardening gifts.

Every serious garden lover will be in possession of a watering can, but most would happily swap their tatty old plastic pourer for one of our beautiful hand-crafted metal range, available in a selection of delightful animal shapes including a cheeky goose, a charming robin, a cute duckling and an endearing elephant that waters with his trunk! We also have classic shaped watering cans in hot pink or retro rose and blossom prints. Watering need never be boring again!

Unique Gardening Gifts

Or how about our magical range of decorative garden mushrooms? These fantastic fungi are fashioned from frost-proof ceramic and come in an array of bright colours, bringing year-round cheer to any garden. Not only do these friendly little mushrooms look superb, but they also sound lovely, as the moving caps chime against each other in the breeze.

These are just a few ideas from our huge range of unique gardening gifts. If you’re looking for more inspiration, take a look around the site at our beautiful metal bird collection, handcrafted garden insect decorations, resin garden creatures, planters, lanterns, bird feeders and gnomes. Or for the gardener who needs to get everyone’s attention… our striking garden gongs!