Rainbow Bubble Hurricane Lamp

The dog days of summer are here, the little town of Chorleywood where we are based is very quiet as most families have gone away on holiday. This is the time to relax and enjoy the fruits of our gardening efforts, and share the bounty round a table in the evening. Create a magical atmosphere with a Rainbow Bubble Hurricane Lamp as a centre piece, and use the Apple and Pear napkin rings from our Home Gifts section to dress up the table, Lots of adornments for an enchanted evening setting can be found on our web site.

Garden ideas from USA

The gardens and patios have unusual kinetic sculptures, hanging wall planters that are one of a kind. Hopefully we will have them in stock for the spring. Lovely ornaments and bird houses, and folk art decor are all to be found in the West Coast garden and home market. We are really looking forward to adding what we liked best on our journey, to the web site and hope you find it all just as delightful as we did!

We are looking for inspiration

Home2garden is always looking for inspiration as we try and create new, unique and imaginative accents and gifts for the garden. This month we have been in San Francisco at the International Gift Fair, sourcing unusual ideas, hopefully not seen in the UK or Europe yet. Going to the West Coast allows one to find artists with really original ideas which have not yet hit the main consumer market.

Apple and Pear napkin rings

As we harvest our vegetable garden and pick ripening fruit from trees, sharing our bounty with friends and family, you might want to take a peek at our home gifts section where we have a gorgeous selection of table-top ware. Apple and Pear napkin rings and matching salt and pepper shakers are a perfect compliment to the harvest setting.

Behind the Hedgerow

We have been fortunate this summer with sustained days and days of brilliant sunshine and blue skies! However today our gardens are thirstily welcoming the first rainy, but still warm weather. We had one of the coldest snowiest winters and now the hottest of summers!
Fortunately, all of this warm weather means more outdoor living and entertaining and decorating the outdoor room can be lots of fun!
So many products on our website have been designed to enhance the awareness of natures gifts to us, the wind, the sun, rain, and clouds which make them perfect for hanging from tree branches, porches and pergolas! Equally the glass lanterns can be used to light paths and patios and the glass Rainbow Bubbles can be used in three different aspects, beds and borders, water features or hanging like a suspended floating bubble.

We have added many new products from our favourite designers and manufacturers, a beautiful range of outdoor furniture, fountains, planters, and bird houses. Please peruse all of the categories as I am sure you will find something to delight you or perhaps a gift for someone special in your life.

Thank you to those customers who have written in to tell us how much they enjoy the products they have bought, we will be posting your kind messages soon as well as the photos sent into us, showing where and how they have hung a wind dancer, placed a rainbow bubble, or settled one of the stone garden critters, we love hearing from you so please keep your feedback coming in!

Summer Soltice

In only a few days, Summer officially begins! Already the air is perfumed with that unmistakable scent of the elder flowers in full bloom! This weekend I am going to pick the flower heads and create an old English dessert of Elderflower Fritters. I have not made them for a long time but the delicate taste, enhanced by a sprinkling of icing sugar haunts my memory! The recipe only requires a light pancake batter and very hot oil. Dip the flower heads into the batter and then into the very hot Sunflower oil until just golden. Take out, drain, and sprinkle with the sugar. A little whipped cream with it and every bite is like a taste of golden summer, sunshine!
As the sun is out today and the sky a cloudless deep blue, we have gone out with some of our newest creations which we love and judging by the reaction of people passing by, we think we are onto a real winner! The Cosmos is a wind sculpture which really mesmerizes and fascinates as the sun disks on each arm turn, twist and spin in the wind. It is not like any other idea we have used! We will shortly have a video up on the website of it doing it’s dance in the wind and we would love to hear any comments or ideas that you might have.
Summer in England, and all the flowers in blooms, the sun bright, the sky clear, it doesn’t get better than this!

Dragonflys are back !

Now that Spring has settled in we are seeing more and more dragonflys around Chorleywood and they are always a lovely sight to behold! Something about them is so primeval especially when they shed their skin and you have just a perfect shell of their delicate features!
At home2garden, Dragonflys are one of our favourite gifts for the garden and we hope you will take a look at our sand cast, in Persia, Copper Dragonflys. They are truly a work of art and have been a favourite with customers, especially when presented at the Chelsea Flower and Hampton Court Flower Show at the Quist Stand. We sell them in both extra large size and the diminutive size just right for inserting into potted plants. These are created by (insert Merdad’s name correctly) and have sand cast brass bodies and one hundred percent copper wings, blow torched to change the wing colour into a rainbow of flaming colours!
If you would like a dragonfly in Stainless Steel which will never tarnish down, we also offer our own design as well as the happy dragonflys from the Potting Shed! Please peruse our dragonfly family and celebrate a flying creature that has been on this earth since primival days and which bring us the true arrival of summer when they come to visit every year!
View are range of dragonflys at: http://www.home2garden.co.uk/acatalog/Online_Catalogue_Garden_Insects__24.html

Behind the Hedgerow

We have been enjoying an unprecedented number of days with actual blue skies and sunshine. The blossoms have burst open on the cherry trees and the fields are filling up with new born lambs and gambolling calves, it is such a welcome sight after the longest winter in 30 years! The wind in the trees no longer cuts to the quick but instead brushes the cheek with a soft caress..Spring fever has arrived!

The local garden centre had to use a traffic warden to conduct the cars in and out of the parking area as green fingered gardeners itched to get digging and planting again.
Now is the time to mulch roses, cut back dead wood, and plant seeds in trays for planting out in a few weeks time. Soon there will be time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labour with a gin and tonic, the scent of jasmine and roses perfuming the air, the long bitterly cold winter a fading memory

Beyond the Hedgerow

Nature played a nice April Fools Day joke on me today as I took my lunchtime walk! I awoke to glorious sunshine pouring through the windows as I pulled the curtains back, a wonderful day I thought, warm and sunny! I put on a light short sleeved shirt and anticipated the walk I would take at lunch hour.

When 1:00 duly came round, I set off with the sun on my back and little clouds of white skittering across the blue sky..then as I reached the furtherest point from the car, giant threatening clouds, dark, low hanging, roiling in the wind, swept over me at the highest most exposed point of my journey! In a wink of an eye I was in the midst of a swirling mix of sleet, hail and rain coming in sideways on a 50 mile an hour gale!

With my head down and teeth gritted and freezing arms exposed I faced the wind head on and trudged along my route all the while thinking I must be British about this, it is this sort of occurance that require the British to maintain a stiff upper lip and why the phrase, “must soldier on” is so appropriate to life and living in England!

Tomorrow is the start of Easter holidays, and for so many the beginning of outdoor activities and fun. Hopefully we will be blessed with warm and pleasant weather ahead over the next few days, right through to the end of Bank Holiday Monday!


Lisa Christie Atkin