Early darkness of November…

Sometimes the early darkness of November days can push us indoors and we forget about our gardens or just breathing fresh air. This can create a sense of melancholy. It is so vital to our well being to get outside for a good hour a day, pottering in the garden, sweeping leaves, dead heading flowers, spreading manure over the borders. Even if one has no garden, taking a walk in a park or nearby woodland allows the delicious scent of damp earth and leaves to fill your nostrils and clear your head. A little exertion out of doors just before night closes in, gives one a sense that they have earned their nice cup of tea when they return home. It really is such a simple exercise but it is truly a tonic for the short day blues! Looking at the Home2Garden web site is another dark afternoon activity as you will find we are always creating or sourcing new products which will appeal to our customers.

Coming soon are new designs of the ever popular Wind Sculptures, and Crystal Creations. We are creating a line of Garden Jewelry to bedeck your tree trunks or hang from branchs, using crystals and glass, copper and stainless steel. It is exciting to create pretty ornanments and stand alone statement pieces for the garden that we know will chase away the winter blues!

Looking out onto whatever space you have or even within the window, try hanging our forthcoming
Sun Discs and Friendship Balls which are absolutely gorgeous and brand new! They are handblown in Vermont by an artisan glass blower and are breathtaking in their jewel-like colour and originality! We are the first company in the UK or Europe to offer them and know how much admiration they will inspire in your home or garden, just hang where light will shine through and illuminate these beautiful orbs and discs of colour. Just because the weather is colder and the nights longer doesnt mean our gardens cannot sing with light, movement and colour in the months ahead.

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