Decorating for Christmas and the Holidays

Creating a cheery atmosphere at the holidays can be a creative and rewarding time, especially if one uses natural items gathered from the fields and woods, even supermarket isles! Decorating pine cones with glitter is one of the first ways to herald the season. A bowl of pine cones glittering in the window or beneath a lamp on a table is easy and effective and fun for children to do on a gloomy afternoon. All that is needed is a bottle of paper glue and a choice of glitter in silver, gold and royal purple. A squirt of glue on the pine cones mostly on the tips and a sprinkle of glitter and the pine cones are dressed for the season!

Growing up in America, it was a custom to create decorations from things that were found around us, perhaps it stemmed from the era of the pioneers when the pioneers as they moved across the country, did not carry fancy decorations with them. Stars were sewn from scraps of calico and gingham, garlands for the tree were made from threading popped popcorn into long strands that could be draped around the tree. Later on these were interspersed with shiny ruby red cranberries. This is fun and easy to make today. Buy a packet of micro wave popping corn unbuttered, (Needs to be white shade when popped) and a bag of fresh cranberries. Thread a needle creating a 4 foot strand, begin threading the strand with 6 cranberries and then 6 pieces of popped corn. The result will be a red and white strand of texture and colour, Earthy and homespun with a real feel of old time Christmas! Walnuts sprayed gold and glued with a golden tying twine at the top, and Almonds sprayed silver and tied with a pink ribbon at the top can be used as enchanting Christmas ornaments and last for years and years. There are many ways to save expense and still create a magical feeling of the holidays in the home, making some of the decorations enhances the experience of anticipation!

We, at Home 2 Garden love decorating our environment year round and our products on the web site will hopefully be what you or those you love would be happy to give or receive this year. So many of our Wind Sculptures and Wind Dancers, Spinners and Kinetics are especially effective during the snowy winter months and for those who do choose to put one in the garden this year, please take photos of it in the frost and snow. I did last year and even with the snow laden on the blades, the Snowy Nova kept turning in the wind, it was truly spectacular! I will include my photo from last year and hope you will send me photos of yours in the winter! We will send out little thank you gifts to the best photos!

The season is as jolly as you make it, even with limited funds, there are many ways to create an enchanting holiday atmosphere in the home, and making them yourselves and with children brings an added touch of home, hearth and togetherness!

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