Daffs started sprouting eagerly up from the soil !

Just when the Daffs and early spring flowers started sprouting eagerly up from the soil, and the days are getting decidly lighter longer, what happens but huge blanketing of snow all across Great Britain!

There is no doubt about it, the new fallen snow never fails to enchant but I think we are ready for warmer days.
Helping your plants and shrubs cope with the latest snowfall, one can take a little time to walk around the garden helping the plants by shaking the snow from their bending branches. Leave the old growth of tender plants on the plants through the winter as it will protect the crown from the coldest of weather. That may be a little late advice but try to remember next November when the plants are dying down.

Another trick I used when I had a large Birch tree growing right in front of the house, was once all those pretty golden leaves fell off and covered my front garden, I put a wonderful, rich, layer of compost over all the leaves. My garden was transformed from an unholy mess, to clean, instantly, The blanket of compost kept the tender plants a bit more protected from the frost and snow. In the spring the leaves had rotted underneath the compost and everything was ready to dig and turn over. looking very rich and fertile indeed, despite the soil really being very chalky!

Turning away from the cold outside and focusing our attention to the home, after all the holiday decorations are taken down inside and the pine needles swept away, it really can look a bit cheerless. In our home accent section we have a wonderful selection of pretty bowls for storage or display. Bright, clean lines, and gorgeous colour, the bowls will brighten up any table top, shelves, or counters adding a little pep to the interior of your home.

Our indoor water fountains will also add a freshness to stale winter air as it burbles away. We have a wonderful large selection and most of the fountains will fit on any window sill in any room. What a delightful way to soothe and recharge, listening to the gentle cascade of your very own little water fountain!

We have also introduced a new range of garden statues. Please feel free to browse through the new garden statues category – over one hundred hand made Chilstone statues just arrived !

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