Behind the Hedgerow

We have been enjoying an unprecedented number of days with actual blue skies and sunshine. The blossoms have burst open on the cherry trees and the fields are filling up with new born lambs and gambolling calves, it is such a welcome sight after the longest winter in 30 years! The wind in the trees no longer cuts to the quick but instead brushes the cheek with a soft caress..Spring fever has arrived!

The local garden centre had to use a traffic warden to conduct the cars in and out of the parking area as green fingered gardeners itched to get digging and planting again.
Now is the time to mulch roses, cut back dead wood, and plant seeds in trays for planting out in a few weeks time. Soon there will be time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labour with a gin and tonic, the scent of jasmine and roses perfuming the air, the long bitterly cold winter a fading memory

3 thoughts on “Behind the Hedgerow

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