Behind the Hedgerow

We have been fortunate this summer with sustained days and days of brilliant sunshine and blue skies! However today our gardens are thirstily welcoming the first rainy, but still warm weather. We had one of the coldest snowiest winters and now the hottest of summers!
Fortunately, all of this warm weather means more outdoor living and entertaining and decorating the outdoor room can be lots of fun!
So many products on our website have been designed to enhance the awareness of natures gifts to us, the wind, the sun, rain, and clouds which make them perfect for hanging from tree branches, porches and pergolas! Equally the glass lanterns can be used to light paths and patios and the glass Rainbow Bubbles can be used in three different aspects, beds and borders, water features or hanging like a suspended floating bubble.

We have added many new products from our favourite designers and manufacturers, a beautiful range of outdoor furniture, fountains, planters, and bird houses. Please peruse all of the categories as I am sure you will find something to delight you or perhaps a gift for someone special in your life.

Thank you to those customers who have written in to tell us how much they enjoy the products they have bought, we will be posting your kind messages soon as well as the photos sent into us, showing where and how they have hung a wind dancer, placed a rainbow bubble, or settled one of the stone garden critters, we love hearing from you so please keep your feedback coming in!

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