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Online Catalogue |  Water Features

Outdoor Water Features

Outdoor Water Features create an instant focal point in any garden setting.

Contemporary Water Features

Contemporary water features with decorative style, made up of high quality resin, easy to install and maintain.

Stainless steel Water Features

Stainless steel water features are clean, simple and modern. These water features are sure to enhance the look of any garden.

Solar Fountains

Our beautiful and unique range of solar water features. Eco friendly, no more wiring, simply install sit back and enjoy !

Indoor - Water Features

Water features are not only beautiful and calming but will also help to humidify the room.

Ceramic Fountains

Have a look at our comprehensive range of Ceramic Fountains.

Stone Water Features

Fountains can give years of pleasure but care needs to be taken in installation. Many fountains can function without an external water supply

Modern Stone Water Features

Water features look like natural materials but they are resin based .Self contained water feature, just add water and connect to your electric supply for instant effect.

Garden - Water Features

Unique and beautiful range of our garden water features meditative and contemporary choices creating a beautiful focal point in any setting.

Stone & Granite Water Features

Water Features make an great impression in your garden. The gentle sound of water running over stone is known for it's calming properties.

You may not be aware just how simple it is to add an intriguing water feature to your home or garden. None of our water features require any plumbing whatsoever. The most we ask of you is to fill your new water feature with water and plug it in. In fact some of our water features are solar powered, so you donít even need to place them near an electrical power source. Have you ever noticed how peaceful the sound of trickling water is? This is why a water feature is often placed in the reception area of the top spas around the world. UK water features can be placed indoors or outdoors, and no harm will come to a water feature left outdoors when the weather drops below freezing. In fact a frozen water feature clad in glistening icicles could bring a whole new look to your garden display! Home 2 Garden Ė your best source of water features UK.

Online Catalogue |  Water Features

Copper Fountains

Creating a uniquely designed and relaxing garden is not an easy task. But with the help of Copper Fountains, you can create a beautiful garden with a stunning focus point. At Home2Garden.co.uk, we have a selection of sculptured copper tree fountains to choose from. These Copper Fountains not only look striking but they also create a beautiful sound of moving water which will create a relaxing and peaceful environment.

Copper Water Fountains

The best way to add interest to your garden is with the use of a water feature. With a water feature you are creating a more peaceful and calm environment. With Copper Water Fountains, you can enjoy that peaceful sound of moving water every time you head outside. Your garden can be completely transformed with Copper Water Fountain and you can enjoy a pleasant, calm outdoor area.

Copper Water Features

The Copper Water Features available at Home2Garden.co.uk can add interest and beauty to your garden. With Copper Water Features you can enjoy a beautifully sculptured water feature which will act as a focus point to your outdoor space and also provide you with a relaxing moving water sound.

Garden Copper Fountains

For something unique and special for your garden, why not consider investing in Garden Copper Fountains. With these garden features you can add real interest to your outdoor space and create a relaxing and eye catching feature to your garden. There is a range of Garden Copper Fountains to choose from here at Home2Garden.co.uk, so choose one today to add extra interest to your outdoor space.

Copper Tree Fountains

If youíre looking for a beautiful and unusual focus to your garden, then you need to consider the Copper Tree Fountains that we have available. There is a huge range of Copper Tree Fountains to choose from. So whether you want a luna tree, cedar, bonsai or willow copper tree, you will find the right design for you here.

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