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Bird Feeders & Bird Baths Sub Category

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Online Catalogue |  Gardening Gifts |  Bird Feeders & Bird Baths

Pyramid Feeder

75 x 30cm - REDUCED FROM £109.99
Pyramid Feeder - view 1Pyramid Feeder - view 2Pyramid Feeder - view 3

The Pyramid Bird Feeder has a clean and elegant look and is made in 100% stainless steel, it will never rust or tarnish and it's four sides of polished stainless steel will reflect the colours of the flowers and plants nearby.

Place the Pyramid Feeder in the flower border for maximum flower reflection! Works well in a more modern setting too with it's clean lines. An unusual accent not found anywhere else.


Glass Rainbow Bird Bath

21 x 62 cm
Glass Rainbow Bird Bath  - view 1

Our Glass Rainbow Bird Bath is a beautiful and elegant garden ornament and a unique focal point for the garden. The long glass stem of thick 100% frost proof glass, holds the fluted bath above the flowers and shrubs, enticing the birds with its rainbow reflected water


Modern Bird Feeder

20 x 25cm

Hanging Bird Feeder hand made in staiinless steel. Both elegant and practical. The Bird Feeder is rust proof. Stylish and innovative solution for your garden!


Staked Bird Feeder

165 x 30cm

Contemporary and elegant design. The Bird Feeder is hand made in Italian stainless steel and comes with 150cm stake. The product is totaly rust proof.


Hanging Triangle Feeder


Our simple, modern Bird Feeding Tray is suspended by three chains and looks attractive in the garden or a balcony.

The Bird Feeder is made in Italian stainless steel. Rust proof design.


Northampton Birdbath

Height: 86 cm
Bowl diameter: 58 cm
Square base: 42 cm
Bowl depth: 11 cm
Weight: 73 kg

Northampton Birdbath - view 1Northampton Birdbath - view 2

The Northampton Birdbath is an attractive focal point to be placed anywhere in the garden, but particularly lovely in the centre of a knot garden or flowerbed.
With it's decorative motif of dolphins and shells, perched on an ornate Victorian pedestal it is eye catching and will enhance to the bird activity in the garden.

The Northampton Birdbath is made of composite stone and will age gracefully through the years.


Penshurst Birdbath

Penshurst Birdbath  - view 1

The Penhurst Birdbath is an elegant and classically designed birdbath which would suit any situation.
Handmade in composite stone the Penhurst Birdbath has a generous sized bowl which will delight the birds it will attract into the garden.

Birdbaths are a timeless addition to gardens throughout history, and The Penhurst Birdbath will bring years of birdwatching pleasure to the garden.


Baluster Birdbath

Height: 72 cm
Diameter: 42 cm
Square base: 35 cm
Weight: 45 kg

Baluster Birdbath - view 1Baluster Birdbath - view 2

The Baluster Birdbath is delightfully attractive with its clean design and simple, shapely curves. The bowl is wide and generous for the birds who come to bathe or drink from it.

The Baluster Birdbath is very versatile and will enhance in situation chosen for placement. It is handmade from composite stone and will age slowly and gracefully through the years.


Hanley Bird Table with Feeder

190 x 70cm

The Hanley Bird table uses an unusual terracotta ridge cap, and a built in feeder. The small roof of the feeder opens for filling.The ridge is made from highly fired terracotta.

The Hanley Bird Table is hand crafted here in the UK by the skilful Mike Rawlins who has been building bird tables and houses for decades. The best quality, attention to detail, and durability is what you get when you purchase a Mike Rawlins creation. 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Chelmer Bird Table

180 x 70cm

Classically designed, sturdy, long lasting bird table, makes a really handsome focal point in the garden This bird table gets its name from the river Chelmer. Hand crafted in the beautiful county of Hertfordshire by Mike Rawlins.

Mike builds these timeless bird tables in his workshop and they are bought throughout the country and abroad by those who know his products are of the highest quality and will last for years and years.


Romsey Bird Table

180 x 70cm

Clean and elegant bird table. Comes with a stand and base. Made from sustainable soft Scandinavian wood. Hand crafted in Hertfordshire by Mike Rawlins who is an expert in bird care and has been building his elegant bird tables and houses for years.

The Romsey Bird Table adds an instant touch of old world cottage garden charm to any setting, making a lovely focal point anywhere in the garden.


Mono Block Feeder

7 x 30cm

Clean and elegant hanging bird table. Made from sustainable soft Scandinavian wood.

Hand crafted in Hertfordshire England these are bird feeders that will last for years. Traditional and practical, the Mono Block Feeder makes a delightful gift anytime of the year, especially during the winter months where once placed in garden, the birds will be delighted to feast before your eyes.


Minram Nut Feeder

25 x 30cm

The Minram Nut Feeder is another traditional bird feeder that can be hung anywhere in the garden or on the patio, where you can sit back and watch the birds feast throughout the year.

Made by English craftsman Mike Rawlins who has been making bird tables and feeders for years at his workshop in Hertfordshire. Buy a piece of England as a gift for someone abroad or for yourself and remember how buying British is a very good thing for the country!


Minram Green Ice

25 x 30cm

The Classic Minram bird feeder painted in a beautiful ice green shade is a wonderful "Made in Britain" gift any time of year.

Hand crafted in Hertfordshire England by Mike Rawlins whose bird tables and bird house are the standard bearer of top quality in this sector of garden sundries.


Blyth Hanging Feeder

25 x 30cm

The Blyth Hanging Feeder is an attractive hanging bird feeder, which would would be a lovely addition to any garden setting. Simple, elegant lines, painted in a cool attractive shade.

The Blyth Hanging Feeder is one of the most elegant designs on the market and yet still retains a timeless, traditional feel about it. Hand crafted by Mike Rawlins at his work shop in Hertfordshire, England.


Window Leaf Birdfeeder

28 x 20cm

Leaf shaped bird feeder in copper effect. Attach to any window via the suction cup and watch the birds feed from the comfort of indoors! Bright, colorful and attractive this bird feeder makes a delightful gift any time of the year and will appeal not only to adults, but children love them too!


Online Catalogue |  Gardening Gifts |  Bird Feeders & Bird Baths

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