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Demoiselle Crane - view 1

Demoiselle Crane


Size: 90 x 80cm

In stock

The Demoiselle Crane stands erect and noble in the garden, presiding magestically over the landscaape, it's silloutee glinting in the sunshine or stormy weather.

Made from powder coated steel, it will age slowly and take on the hues of age and time whilst standing erect amongst the flowers aand shrubs of any border. The Demoiselle Crane is a true focal point that will delight the eye and provide years of lasting pleaure.

Detailed product information

As the range is powder coated the birds are suitable for indoor or outdoor display, however natural weathering will still take place adding more charm and contrast to the bird.

Each bird sculpture is composed of variegated metal strips, shaped plates, and galvanised tags for stunning detail.

This also creates variegated patterns of oxidation across the bird as it ages, giving extra detail as time passes.
Each sculpture improves with age

Customer Reviews

  elegant  Well constructed and balanced, great addition to my garden, may get more one day .   (13/09/2012) Tom - Herts.

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